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“Helping businesses have the best possible communications experience”
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Why Vocatel?

We know that businesses are potentially missing out on many benefits that will help them have a better communications experience. VocaTel helps deliver those benefits by building partnerships with organisations that service the business community, not only in Australia, but across the region. Our technology is tried and tested in multiple markets across the globe, it is network agnostic – so will work across any broadband delivery method– ADSL, Wireless, Satellite.

Who we are

VocaTel is an Australian based company whose aim to help businesses have the best possible communication experience. Our experience in the Telco sector covers many years and multiple markets. After speaking with business owners we understand that getting the right solution can be both confusing and time consuming. We aim to simplify the complexity, but at the same time will not try and sell something that is not required.

What we do

We are the exclusive distributor in the region of the unique, and patented, "ViBE" technology to Service Providers and Resellers.  This solution is multi layered and delivers on its promise. We are currently building partnerships with like-minded Providers that will enhance both their solutions, and most importantly, their customers’ experience.

How we can help you

If you are an ISP or Telco Reseller… the solution, “ViBE”, has multiple features, from bandwidth optimisation – delivering Quality Voice and Data on the same link, to Failover, Bonding and high Security options. If you are a Business Owner… we can deliver multiple, simultaneous calls through your existing broadband infrastructure without compromising on call Quality. “ViBE “can also automatically “failover” to another link if your existing one fails. If security of your calls is a concern, then your calls can be encrypted.

Headline Benefits of Our Service


  • Financial

    Financial benefits are realised through a number of scenarios. Since our product enables all voice calls to be run via broadband (VoIP) there is no need to continue to pay for existing “fixed” copper lines, nor for the call costs associated with it. If you currently have a “VoIP” solution, then our product will maximise the voice opportunity without impacting the quality of the call nor the data flow: emails, browsing etc. ViBE can deliver up 500% more call capacity than existing VoIP solutions, thus negating the need to upgrade to a bigger “pipe” if you need more calls, or better quality.

  • Quality

    When it comes to using broadband for voice calls one of the historic challenges of VoIP has been the quality of the call has not been good enough, particularly if you have a number of calls running at the same time. ViBE’s software recognises the Voice element and makes it a priority over any other data, ensuring that the quality is not compromised at all. It also will ensure that if the line cannot handle another call, without compromising on the voice quality, it will not connect it.

  • Stability

    When a line goes down or is compromised, whether that be voice or data, it can clearly have a major impact on businesses performance. ViBE’s solution is that in the event of that situation arising, all voice is automatically transferred (“failover”) to another line without any interruption of the call.

  • Security

    In todays world there is an increasing requirement for businesses, governments and the military to ensure that sensitive information cannot be accessed by a third party. Depending on the scenario ViBE’s “tunnelling” technology delivers a secure environment, with options to encrypt calls to further enhance security.

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