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About Us

VocaTel Global is an Australian based distributor and reseller of Telecommunication products and services.

  • Our differentiator is the product “ViBE” (Voice over internet protocol Bandwidth Enhancer”).

  • ViBE was developed in the UK by a savvy technical team at Voipex, specifically for an ISP to deliver much better voice communications for businesses.

  • ViBE is now established in multiple markets around the world, and VocaTel has the opportunity to deliver this unique product to the AsiaPac markets.

  • So what makes ViBE so special?

    There is much more detail on the Solutions tab, but essentially ViBE enables businesses that use, or want to use, VoIP (and the associated cost benefits) to be able to maximise the number of simultaneous calls through their broadband infrastructure, over and above other “compression” products.

    This can produce huge savings on both infrastructure and call costs. Equally significant is that all calls will retain the highest level of Quality, without the call degrading or dropping, which has been one of the major obstacles to businesses adopting a VoIP solution.

    And there is more…. Bonding, Failover, Encryption…. See the Solutions tab for more detail.

  • Our objective

    We know this is a great product – those who have tested it, which we encourage, have seen the benefits and have adopted it within their own business and / or as a product within their service offering to their customers.

    We are establishing key partnerships with Service Providers and Resellers in the Telecommunications category not only in Australia and New Zealand, but also in the Philippines and ultimately other Asia-Pac countries.

    At the same time, due to our experience and connections with the wider business world, we are happy to support all businesses in their communications enquiries and if we believe we can help, we will introduce those businesses to one of our partners.

    We are not in the business of selling something you don’t need.

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